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Sapphire's Pokemon (@pokedressing)

On Hand

Toro | Blaziken ♀

Blaze :: Quiet Nature
Moves - Ember, Peck, Flamethrower, Double Kick, Double Team, Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut, Blast Burn

Rono | Aggron ♂

Sturdy : Naughty Nature
Moves - Metal Claw, Dig, Iron Tail, Iron Defense, Take Down, Aerial Ace

Dono | Donphan ♂

Sturdy : Hasty Nature
Moves - Rock Tomb, Rollout, Growl, Defense Curl, Fury Attack, Odor Sleuth

Pilo | Tropius ♂

Chlorophyll : Calm Nature
Moves - Razor Leaf, Magical Leaf, Solarbeam, Aerial Ace, Sweet Scent, Whirlwind

At Sea

Walo | Wailord ♂

Water Veil : Brave Nature

Relo | Relicanth ♂

Rock Head : Hardy Nature


08 [action]

I wanna go home...I wanna go home!

[Says the small, frilly thing currently attached to the leg of one (1) very flabbergasted Blaziken. The two of them are down the street from the Holders' house, and footprints in the snow indicate that Mini Sapphire had been running around in a panic before Toro came to get her.

She continues to bawl and bury her face in her Pokemon's knee, and the Blaziken pats her awkwardly on the head, looking unnerved.]

Where's Papa...? He said we'd get lost! We should'a listened!

[She breaks into a fresh wave of tears, and Toro glances around helplessly.]

[[ooc: ugh I have a bunch of tags to catch up on, I know, my Sapphire muse has been sluggish for a while. If there's something you need me to get back to, don't even hesitate to poke me, my notifs are a mess and ugh. Sorry.]


07 [video]

[The entry starts off with the camera flailing all over Sapphire's cave, flashing past her Pokemon and various possessions haphazardly as she fumbles with the book. It finally rests on the snowdrift that is accumulating at the cave's mouth, and the snow falling beyond it. Muffled noises of dismay from Sapphire and the three murderbeasts accompany the video before she starts talking.]

What - that's snow?! I can't even-!!

[give her a second to be coherent]

This ain't just cold, it's some kind of freezing! It's horrible! I didn't even know air got like this!!

[The journal flips around to Sapphire, who is almost comically alarmed. From behind her, Rono does his best to cram himself into the camera's view as well, whining piteously. Pilo is huddled shivering against the wall of the cave in a heap of greenery and brown scales.]

What do ya do when this happens?! Poor Pilo's wings are gonna freeze...!

06 [action]

[Sapphire had never had much of a problem confronting her fears. It was an easy matter - get stronger, strong enough to defend yourself against anything, and there was nothing left to fear. There was always a way to become more powerful, to learn a new skill, the right one to take down whatever loomed before you.

It's a philosophy that works nicely when everything in the world has real teeth of its own, and nothing exists only in dreams. Kyogre, Archie, Maxie, "Guile", even Salamence - all could be fought. So Sapphire hadn't given much thought to Spenser's story at the time, beyond a dull horror and pang of sympathy, when there had been a more pressing and more real enemy in front of them.

This was a bit different. You can hit Kyogre with a million thunderbolts, force it back into the recesses of the ocean - but you can't punch the rain.]

Flamethrower! Solarbeam! Do it again!!

[She's crouched on a rooftop, pointing at the (storming, thundering, splitting open and dumping water - where does the water go if there is no sea) sky with a fervor thinly disguising panic. The Blaziken and Tropius standing to each side of her look at their trainer with concern, but comply, shooting the heat-powered attacks fruitlessly into the sky.]

Again! It's gotta stop! It's gotta-!

[She freezes, prompting startled cries from Toro and Pilo.

"I kept hearing murmurs and feeling ripples from within my heart...I could not sleep...and every time I closed my eyes, I would dream about a massive sea monster..."

...a far-off roar is sounding...]

05 [voice]

[The entry starts off with a lot of empty noise - rustling and soft thumping as the book is opened and fumbled through.]

I was wonderin' where this got ta! Came back an' it wasn't where it shoulda been...

[A long pause. She seems not to realize that it's already started recording, but notices after a good few seconds of searching for the option to do just that.]

Oh!...I guess that's it, then...

Uh, Senior! I'm still in one piece, just so ya know! Toro, too!
[The first group had already been taken, hadn't they?

Sapphire will freely admit that she knows almost nothing about the kidnappings, or the Malnosso, or anything of that nature - what she does know is that a chance has come up to fight against people who have done evil things, and that she herself is able to participate.

And there's no point in being at less than the height of your ability, right? Which is why Sapphire is on the edge of the village as the sun begins to set, training with her Pokemon.

She's sparring against Toro at the moment, focusing on physical techniques - after all, these are humans they'll be fighting, not the kind of opponent you can Blast Burn with a clear conscience. The Blaziken's volley of punches and kicks are dodged or pushed deftly aside by Sapphire, who alternates between moving nimbly on all fours and standing on her toes to strike with hands curled like claws.

Pilo patiently serves as the object of Rono's training as the metal-zilla wrestles with him.]

- right. Take a moment ta rest.

[They all step back, breathing heavily, and Sapphire sits down cross-legged. She's open to interruptions now.]

03 (action)

[Oh, those silly Malnosso.

Sapphire had first seen the teleporting with her own eyes, watching villagers pop in and out of existence - but had shrugged it off as unimportant, not bothering to check the journal or believe it was unintentional. It was just "Teleport", after all, nothing that unusual. And when the shower-time debacle occurred, she had been about a mile away, having a breakfast of...berries or something. Mew only knows when Sapphire herself had last showered.

When the teleportation experiment did strike, it struck with a vengeance, tossing her around several times in the space of ten minutes. Sometime around noon, she lands on the roof of a house - drenched, disheveled, hair full of leaves, and looking a bit stunned.

With a last triumphant flourish, the effect snatched Sapphire up again and dropped her about five feet to the right, sending her tumbling downwards one last time. She's too startled to land on her feet, and hits the ground ungracefully, sitting up and blinking after a few seconds.]


02 (action/voice)

[The two-week mark has just passed, and Sapphire seems to be settling in well. After all, it's not as though she's alone in this strange place - quite the opposite, actually, as is incredibly apparent today.

Those out and about in the village just before noon might run into the girl, who is racing between, around, and even over buildings, laughing as she scrambles up walls and dashes down the streets on all fours.

The large red chicken-like monster chasing after her is slightly harder to miss...

...yup. Do what you will.

Later in the afternoon, she makes a post on the journal:]

Senior Gold! Three'a my Pokemon are here - so whaddaya say to a battle sometime?

01 (accidental voice)

[The entry begins with silence - it seems the journal is unattended, for the moment.

A sudden rustling cuts in, and the muted sound of footsteps approaching the journal. They stop for a moment, and everything is quiet. Then, a small sighing noise.]


[The person - a young girl, from the sound of the voice - pauses to listen. When no response comes, there's a worried murmur and a small thump when she sits down, apparently not having noticed the journal.]

If ya're not here at all, then where am I...?

[For those among you who would be wandering around the woods rather than looking over posts, for whatever reason, this arrival might catch your attention for one major reason: she seems to have discarded the traditional newfeather garb in favor of something a bit more....natural....?]